From Humble Beginnings…

Two years ago, I started what I initially thought would be a one-off diversion with my coworkers. Inspired by both the game already offered at the Hollywood Theater and by my own love of badly made 80’s cinema, I scheduled a B-Movie Bingo night for my coworkers to enjoy. I was given 50 dollars of company money for prizes and pizza, built game cards for everybody and popped in the Arnold Schwarzenegger machismo classic, Commando. To my surprise, 10 people wanted to endure that movie with me that night, which I thought was an incredible achievement.

B-Grade Movie, A-Grade Hit!

Flash forward, and now B-Movie Bingo is one of the most popular and well-attended monthly events we have at a company that provides plenty of opportunities for PDXers to socialize outside of business hours. It’s a textbook example of the culture and comradery we try to foster. In March, we celebrated our second anniversary of the event, and it confirmed that B-Movie Bingo was here to stay! Far from the humble start we had two years ago, we had well over 40 people! Together, we’ve seen some box office smashes starring Chuck Norris and John Claude Van Damme, some hidden gems with Cynthia Rothrock and John Stamos, and some laughably bad flops made by Y.K. Kim and Mathew Karedas. The movie is always action-packed and exciting, and often it is ruthlessly mocked. And, by opening it up to plus ones, we give out employees an excuse to have a good time without sacrificing a night with the family.


Building Culture From Within

If you are wondering what has made this a success, its because PDX’s culture is something that rewards employees taking the initiative and letting things grow naturally. We took an interest that only one employee (me!) had a passion for and gave him nothing more than 50 bucks and a space to watch a movie with his friends. It’s since grown into something that everyone on our team has at least a passing interest in and is a cultural selling point when presenting our organization to prospective employees. It’s something that I’ve been proud to build over my time here, but it’s something I’m even prouder of my employer for embracing!


Itching to get in touch and talk film?

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