Rob Harris, IT Service Technician


Rob Harris’ technology tale begins in the early two-thousands, when Rob started his first technical support job troubleshooting SONAR and GPS equipment. In 2005, Rob earned his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and has worked in roles supporting all kinds of different technology and infrastructure ever since. These days, Rob works as one of our esteemed IT Service Technicians, helping execute critical IT projects and carry them across the finish line for our clients. Armed with decades of experience and a deeply-rooted passion for helping others, Rob’s the perfect person for the job.

Rob credits his parents with exemplifying solid values and work ethic, which inspired him to chase down his degree and numerous technical certifications. Of all the things to love about working in IT, Rob says his favorite part is the heroic feeling of helping someone solve a technical problem. (“Who doesn’t want to be a hero?!”, he says.)

Friends outside of the office describe Rob as a friendly and outgoing optimist — “a guy who really enjoys life and always tries to see the best in situations and people.” When he’s not rolling out IT projects for our clients, Rob loves to kick back with a masterfully crafted cocktail and play board games with his wife, Brenda. He’s also a major theater buff and loves collaborating to bring humor and joy to the audience. (If you want to see him for yourself, you can catch Rob in Sandy Actors Theatre’s production of Fox on the Fairway this spring!)

If Rob were to be famous for anything, he says he hopes it would be for “being the guy people want to be around, know they can trust, and know they can rely on.”

In our book, Rob, you’re already there.

Connect with Rob via email or on LinkedIn.