Same 💩 Different Day?  Not at Portland Internetworks!

We all have those moments in our life when it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.  Each day can seem like a cruel repeat of the previous day with only solar cycles and calendar pages to mark the passage of time.  But, most of the time (hopefully!), each new day can bring something exciting, impactful, and meaningful to our lives.

This last month has been a great example of amazing new things happening each and every day.

  • We celebrated Portland Internetworks’ twenty-first birthday with nearly 200 employees and guests along with great food, music, libations and conversations. Our twenty-second year is already starting out great!
  • At the party, I announced that we will be moving AGAIN—twice in less than a year!—to accommodate remarkable company and staff growth. Our new location, to the opposite corner of our same block, increases our space from 7,200sf to 13,000sf and increases our human capacity from 50 to 100 employees.  We are working with our amazing customer and partner Bora Architects to help us visualize how this incredible space can be best used to support our team and our community.
  • Tom added four amazing new teammates to our service crew and we are already seeing the impact they’re making. I’m super stoked to have Andy, Matt, Eric and Justin join us in driving our mission and company vision!
  • We rolled out our VTO (Volunteer Time Off) program so that each of our team members can volunteer for local non-profit organizations one day per quarter with full pay.
  • Our Bring Your Dogs To Work pilot program began with plenty of wagging tails and puffy pillows last week. Despite our initial worries about noise and distractions, the addition of furry friends on Fridays created a mellow and friendly vibe to our day.  I’m looking forward to seeing some new pups this week!
  • We totally revamped our company blog page to better match our website style and to present a more user-friendly experience for readers. I encourage you to check it out and email me your feedback!
  • As I write this article, a team of more than twenty stylists, artists, photographers, writers, assistants, caterers, marketers, and helpers are taking photos of our team for the upcoming Lands’ End Business catalog. We have partnered with Lands’ End to provide us with high-quality, stylish logoed apparel for many years.  They took note of our loyal and ubiquitous commitment to showing our pride in their garments for customers and prospects and suggested that they do an on-location photo shoot at our office.  Portland Internetworks’ real crew (no professional models allowed) will be featured in thousands of catalogs sent to businesses nationwide and our team will appear in the Lands’ End Business ecommerce website.  Talk about exposure!  Thanks, Lands’ End!


We have many more exciting things going on, and more announcements to make soon, but for this one month, I think there’s no concern of monotony or drudgery.  Thanks to all of you for helping us celebrate at our Summertime Social, and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events in August!


doug, CEO