Tips for Using Your ShoreTel System

Change your Call Handling Mode and VM Greeting

With everyone planning their summer vacations this time of year, it can be easy to forget the little things, like changing you Call Handling Mode (CHM) and re-recording your out-of-office Voice Mail Greeting before you head out for a vacation. No sweat! ShoreTel allows you to change to Call Handling Mode and record a vacation greeting via the Communicator, or you if you find yourself already on the road…you can call in from wherever you may be and record a vacation greeting in just a few simple steps.

(The option to change your CHM remotely is also available with the Outlook Calendar Integration/Sync CHM with Outlook Calendar, using your company’s Remote Desktop Network Access, users of the Operator Communicator Access License with the proper COS can change the CHM of other users, or you can access CHM with the optional Mobility Router App).

Here are the two main methods of changing your Call Handling Mode, and recording a Voice Mail Greeting.

To change your CHM and Voice Mail Greeting from your Communicator call control client:

1. Click on the ShoreTel Logo/Call Handling/Configure Call Handling

change CHM & Voice Mail Greeting Step 1

2. Choose the Call Handling Mode

3. Record a vacation greeting for Out Of the Office, Extended Absence, or Custom

To Change your CHM and Voice Mail Greeting From Outside the Office:

  1. Call your office’s main number Auto Attendant, or your Employee Back Door DID number
  2. When you hear the Auto Attendant greeting, press # + Your Extension Number
  3. Enter your Voice Mail Password followed by #
  4. Once in your Voice Mail, press 7 for Mailbox Options (*Changing your CHM and greeting via your ShoreTel IP phone starts here)
  5. Press 2 to set the Call Handling Mode (Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, and Custom)
  6. Follow the prompts to record a personal greeting and press 1 to record a greeting for that particular Call Handling Mode

Having trouble? Don’t hesitate to contact us!