Spring is upon us, which means we’ve *almost* made it through the PNW rainy season. April marks the first full month of spring, and fittingly, it’s also Earth Month.  

As we get ready to say a long-awaited “see ya in October!” to our windbreakers and weatherproof boots, we’re putting them to good use one last time this season as we roll up our sleeves and show our planet a little TLC. 

And, in honor of Earth Month, we encourage you to get out there and pour some love back into our environment, too.  

We’re firm believers that no good deed is too small to affect big change. Whether you volunteer your day restoring trails, or just hit the streets and pick up litter around your block, our collective actions compound into positive impacts for our planet, for us, and for future generations. So, let’s throw on those winter layers and get out there! 

And, even if you’re not able to slip away from the office this month, you can still make an impact by supporting our local environmental nonprofits, who work to protect and preserve our planet all year round. Simply making a donation or using the power of your network to raise their visibility goes a long way in driving wonderful, powerful organizations toward their mission.  

Just like how April showers bring May flowers, the actions that we take today will help us build a better, brighter tomorrow.    

And, while this month is Earth Month, why not celebrate every day like Earth Day? 🌎💙