Anyone who knows Portland Internetworks knows that our people matter to us. And we mean a lot. Keeping good people is all part of the secret sauce around here. And, like any good partnership, we’re committed to seeing each other through thick and thin. So this year, we wanted to make it a point of expressing gratitude to our people. Like everything else in life right now, it’s different. But that’s not going to stop us from keeping the holiday spirit alive. This holiday season, we’re focusing on keeping our stress levels set to moderate and attitudes set to optimistic, with an extra sprinkling of cheer.

The first step was figuring out how we were going to reach out to our employees and engage with them for Thanksviging. Typically we hold a “friendsgiving” potluck each November. It takes place during lunch on a work day, and it’s a time for those who want to participate to share their favorite recipes and connect with colleagues. A potluck is not on the table this year (pardon the pun), but we wanted to do something that would show our gratitude for our employees. So we’re bringing a bit of Thanksgiving to each employee. This year, we’re purchasing Thanksgiving turkeys (or fish, or Tofurkey) for each person. We’ve selected local businesses to help us source these items, plus a few other goodies. We always have goodies.

For the December holidays, our team has gotten decidedly creative. We’ve come up with an event series we’re calling “Winter WonderWANd.” (Get it?!) This will consist of one event each week of December. The idea here is that because by offering events on different days and times, it’ll allow each person to attend at least one event. On the list of December events, we have a wine tasting (thanks to our friends at Adelshiem), gingerbread house party, gift exchange, holiday movie night, as well as a New Year’s Eve event.

As is our tradition, we also hold our annual party in January. We’ve made it this way for years because December is busy enough, we like to get together and celebrate after things have calmed down. This year is no different; we will be holding our virtual holiday party in early January.

Despite the fact that we’ll be attending all of these from our respective homes, we’re excited. We’re excited that we’re part of the same team, excited for some new, different, and fun activities. And most of all, we’re excited to be celebrating together and enjoying each other’s company. From a safe distance, of course. If you want to do something like this, but don’t know where to start, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share our ideas.