Community Spotlight – Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm is a 19-acre urban farm and wetland located in SE Portland dedicated to the education of the community in the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. The Zenger Farm team of 15 individuals hosts more than 8000 children, including every 5th grader from David Douglas School District, every year in support of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program. With a focus on the science section of the curriculum, the students can expect to get their hand’s dirty learning about environmental stewardship, food, and farming. At the farm, under the guidance of the incredible team Zenger has, the children will have unforgettable and highly educational experiences over the course of three visits during three separate seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring to see the various aspects of farm life. The Portland Internetworks team hopes to help Zenger Farm continue to educate and serve our shared community.


If you have any questions regarding the education programs, camps, or are curious about how you can help, reach out to Maya Edelstein, the Development and Communications Manager at Zenger Farm. She can be reached by email at