We sat down with our Technical Services Manager, Marshall Moll, to discuss the reasons why he likes to use Teams in his role. Teams is an Office365 product, primarily used to keep people connected. More and more we’re starting to see folks gravitate towards offerings like Teams to use for their (partially) remote team.

A chat program like Teams makes communication much easier for remote employees in terms of status updates and video chat. Emails can get lost in the chaos of a busy workday; Teams makes it easier to view, at a glance, the most pertinent information your people need.

From an IT professional’s perspective, here are the reasons to start using Teams:

  1. It’s already included in Offce365 subscriptions, which means that you probably already have the tool at your disposal. It’s easy to integrate Teams with other existing Office365 apps.
  2. It’s “device agnostic” (as in, it will work with any operating system as well as with laptops, desktops and mobile devices).
  3. It connects instant messaging tools to other Office365 resources.
  4. It integrates with Active Directory to simplify management. You can manage Group memberships and Teams resources from the portal you’re already used to.
  5. It has full-feature web conferencing abilities.
  6. You’ll have increased transparency over email.
  7. Microsoft Groups allow for enhanced collaboration and file sharing.
  8. It’s guaranteed by Microsoft. If anything breaks, you won’t be left high and dry.
  9. It connects to Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive to provide seamless file storage, search and collaboration.
  10. There are thousands of bots (that’s a good thing), automations and plugins to enhance productivity.
  11. Can be used in conjunction with Skype for Business which can completely eliminate the need for an onsite phone system.

Perhaps the best reason to use Teams is ease of use. It’s a tool you already have in your arsenal if you’re paying for an Office365 subscription, so it makes sense to make the most of it. Take a look and try it out. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.