Jared Sadowsky, IT Service Technician


Meet Jared Sadowsky! Following suit with his twin brother Joseph Sadowsky, Jared is coming on board as one of our newest IT Service Technicians. In getting to know Jared, you’ll quickly find out that he is a kind hearted and honest person that (unsurprisingly) has a lot in common with his fabled twin brother. Jared has always loved the feeling of solving problems, and to him it seemed like a no brainer to start a job where he can find joy in helping others find solutions to their tech problems. In the past, Jared started his professional work journey as an intern at an engineering firm, then transferred to being an HVAC guy, to then a glass caster, to now an IT Service Technician with us. As such, we are incredibly excited for you all to have a chance to meet him.

Jared explains that if he were a crayon, he would want to be the color black. He says that he is the type of guy who likes to define edges or add shade, which gives depth and a semblance of realism to life itself. He likes to believe that he would be an integral part of a whole, just like a black crayon. When asked about his five favorite things, Jared says that, in no particular order, he is a lover of Mediterranean food, Fantasy Football, his favorite hangout spot, Stammtisch, his favorite band, WhomadeWho, and coffee—the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions (and we couldn’t agree more). He also explains that he finds inspiration in nearly everyone he interacts with and follows it up with a quote by Confucius: “Amongst three men walking, one is my teacher,” which can be inferred as everyone in life has a lesson to teach you if you pay attention to it. Lastly, in asking about his perfect day, Jared says that he is a very simple man: His perfect day would be when a new season of a good show comes out in full, and then he binge watches it all.

We’re so glad to have you with us, Jared! Cheers to the many adventures ahead!

If you would like to personally get to know Jared more, shoot him an email or give him a follow over on LinkedIn.