Cultural Passport?

A few months ago, at our company holiday party, a new program was announced called the “cultural passport.” The concept of the passport was centered around giving back to our people for participating in the many ways our team builds culture. Whether it is a team outing, happy hour, or the annual decathlon our company wanted to find one more way to give back to our people for taking time out of their personal lives to spend time together to further grow as a team.  So at the end of each year, by a raffle system, three lucky people from Portland Internetworks will be chosen at random to win one of three prizes, ranging from gift cards to luxurious trips!

This reward-based system, while being an incentive to get more participation from our team, was more of just one more way our team wanted to show we value culture and togetherness above all else. As some may recall from our social media, Alex Bush our Event Coordinator and Executive Assistant was the winner of the inaugural cultural passport. Her prize: a paid trip to Hawaii!


Alex’s Trip

In May, Alex and her boyfriend set out for Hawaii and we wanted to share a few of the photos she took while she was in paradise.

We are highlighting the cultural passport for two reasons.

  1.  We value our people and we wanted to say thank you for all you do Alex!
  2.  To show how important culture is to us and how fun giving back to the people that contribute day in and day out to that culture can be.

Thanks again Alex, we hope you enjoyed your trip! We cannot wait to see which team member receives the grand prize next year!


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