Following this month’s theme of expanding the reach of your business, we at would be remiss if we did not highlight Fred Meyer! The grocery brand that we all have come to know and love has been a client of Portland Internetworks for 11 years!

With 132 stores in Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Oregon Fred Meyer is among our most expansive clientele. The reason their reach has become so vast is, in part, due to the value they place on every individual within the organization! “Our people are the main reason for our success…” a short snippet from their mission statement shows how much value they place on their staff. This, we believe, is a major reason why our two teams came together so harmoniously, we place the same elevated value on our personnel!

Among the Fred Meyer family, we have many strong allies, including our main technical point of contact Trent Quadros! Trent, their Technical Support Supervisor, has been a friend of the company for as long as we can remember, collaborating with us to succeed on the big-ticket items! Portland Internetworks comes in to assist Fred Meyer for more project-based work, acting as backup for their already stellar technical team. We at value strong relationships such as this, and the Portland Internetworks family is happy to work alongside a company like Fred Meyer. We look forward to the continued growth of our two teams!