to bring together  


On the heels of our annual camping trip, we’re reflecting on what it means to be connected. This past weekend, we hit the road and headed up to Mt. Hood for our annual company camping trip. This year: Summer Camp Edition.  

The camping trip is known for its’ hilarity, but beneath the over-the-top camp counselor garb, themed dinners, and summer camp nostalgia lies opportunities to come together and really get to know one another, outside of what we bring to the conference table. Over cornhole matches, friendship bracelets, and hours upon hours of conversation, new connections are formed, and old ones strengthened.  

When we talk to others about our camping trip and other social events, we get a variety of responses. Mostly, we get, “how cool!”, but we also get some crazy looks, too.  

These relationships may seem intangible, working with people who you trust and respect creates real-deal business outcomes. When we’re comfortable and confident in each other’s company, we can think more creatively and cook up creative initiatives and solutions. When we understand each other’s perspective, we can better problem solve — whether that’s working through a tough ticket or navigating a hard conversation. Meetings are more effective. People believe in their work and believe in each other. In our eyes, we do our best work to support our clients when we can support one another, too.  

Literally speaking, connection is what we do. We connect integrate IT systems and we connect networks. We connect teams to one another so they can do their best work. We connect organizations to their clients and nonprofits to the communities that they support.  

At the end of the day, our best work is not just connecting networks, but also bringing people together.