Over the past couple of months, volunteer organizations around the Portland Metro area have begun allowing volunteers back for in-person assistance. Here at Portland Internetworks, giving back to our communities is central to our values; we offer volunteer time off for each and every employee because supporting our community is who we are. Read on for organizations that are currently offering in-person volunteer opportunities:

  1. Oregon Food Bank –Current opportunities are limited to 10 people at a time.
  2. SOLVE –Providing natural area cleanup opportunities following social distancing guidelines.
  3. Store to Door – Following CDC guidelines for in store shoppers as well as delivery drivers.
  4. American Red Cross – Extra precautions are being taken, you can choose to donate blood or volunteer as a delivery driver.
  5. Meals on Wheels – Volunteer either as a delivery driver (with contactless drop offs) or have remote calls with seniors to help with feelings of isolation.

Additionally, it’s important to continue supporting local businesses during this time. So places like farmers markets, restaurants, bars and small, locally owned grocery stores are good to keep in mind when planning out your expenditures in the community. Small businesses have been hit hard, you can support your local coffeeshop around the corner by stopping there instead of Starbucks a couple of times a month, or leave a Google review to bolster their online presence.

Lastly, one of the most important ways to support the community is fostering a sense of connectedness. We’re still all in this together despite the increase in physical space between everyone and the constant use of masks. So next time you pass someone on the sidewalk (from a safe distance, of course), why not give them a wave or say hi and cultivate a more compassionate community?

You can also check out these website for more resources on helping out the community: