We are now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner!

Besides Portland Internetworks leveling up into the elite of Microsoft partners, what does ‘Gold Status’ mean?

Gold status signifies that we are a reliable source for all Microsoft hardware and software. It also means that you can trust our team when we say we know Microsoft!

We have worked with Microsoft to develop technology solutions for nearly as long as Portland Internetworks has been in business. Utilizing their services and software has made a huge difference for our clients as well as our team in-house. We would never sell technology that we, ourselves, wouldn’t use; Microsoft cloud software has enhanced the productivity and workflow of many businesses we service.

Becoming a Gold Certified Partner.

Having worked with Microsoft for years we have always had an established relationship through their partnership programs. Partnered businesses can move up or down select levels of the program from certified all the way to gold. Core competencies with Microsoft products and sales volume determine the status level of a company.  (The full list of requirements can be found here.)

Achieving “Gold” is no small feat, many certifications and test are necessary to determine partner level. Jeffrey Seymore, Marshall Moll, and Vanessa Scanlon championed select exams required to get us to the MSCA certification. Their combined effort was pivotal in passing the competency requirements for our organization to reach gold partner status. A huge thank you to Jeffrey, Marshall and Vanessa for completing these exams on behalf of the Portland Internetworks team.

Visit the links below to see his badges and certifications from passing the exams.

Jeffrey Seymore, IT Field Engineer stands outside of PDX.net headquarters on sunny day

Jeffrey Seymore, IT Field Engineer

If you want to know the full scope of what it takes to become a Gold Certified Partner, you can read more on the Microsoft partner information site: HERE

What are the benefits of being Gold certified?

Becoming a gold Microsoft Gold Certified Partner comes with benefits designed to help our team be a better MSP (Managed Service Provider). The gold status, like other levels in the partner program, acts as a force multiplier from Microsoft that helps us provide better services to clients. There are also added discount benefits for select products that will make us a cost-effective option for clients looking to renew licenses and implement new Microsoft services in their workplace. (For a full list of the partner benefits visit this link.)

Thank you for the continued partnership Microsoft.


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