The World Economic Forum says the challenges of the past year have made cybersecurity more important than ever before

With more users working from home, recent waves of ransomware attacks, and the increased spread of misinformation, last year brought to light many cyber vulnerabilities and new challenges. From rolling out laptops to students, to constantly having to repeat “you’re on mute”, it’s safe to say this last year has had its fair share of tech-related struggles. Recently, The World Economic Forum published their Global Risks Report for 2021, and cyber risks continue to rank among global risks. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made information security a greater concern for many companies.  

The pandemic may have shone a light on some cyber weaknesses, but many of the obstacles in cybersecurity are not new. First, it’s difficult to navigate all the different rules between various governments and regulatory boards. Cybercrime is also fairly low risk, as it can be tough to catch cybercriminals, and it has a high pay off. And finally, many employees are not highly knowledgeable in cybersecurity, which can make organizations vulnerable to data breachesAs many people continue working remotely, it‘s more important than ever for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity in the year ahead.  

Here at Portland Internetworks, we recommend having a layered approach to cybersecurity 

This basically means it’s important to cover multiple aspects of cybersecurity to minimize risk. In other words, it’s good to cover all your bases. One important layer to your cybersecurity is having a firewall, which is your first line of defense against attacks. Another layer should be having a regular backup schedule, so that in the case of a breach, your data is not lost.  Regular updates are also a key component of cybersecurity, as out of date software can leave your company vulnerable 

Especially with so many people connecting remotely, multi-factor authentication is a critical tier of protection which ensures only those who should be able to access your data, can access your dataIt’s also super important that employees are trained in cybersecurity best practices, so that they prepared for potential phishing attempts. With all these measures working together, you can rest a little easier at night, knowing your company is ready to take on virtual threats. 

For our fully managed customers, we‘re already here to support you through the thick and thin of cybersecurity. If you’re wondering if your company is prepared to face the challenges ahead, not to fret! Feel free to give us a call at (503) 972-7272. We’re more than happy to help walk you through cybersecurity options to make sure you’re ready to tackle 2021 head on!