Back in the days of dial-up internet, Bill was just getting his start in the IT world as a support technician at an internet service provider. Fast forward to now, he joins the Portland Internetworks team as network engineer, toting 20 years of IT experience and a CCNA certification along with him.

A hallmark sign of a budding engineer is the practice of taking toys apart and putting them back together as a child, and Bill was no exception. He did however admit that it got him into some trouble when he ended up with a few toys that were broken beyond repair, but as they say; “success begins with failure.”

Apart from work, Bill has been known to regularly seek an adrenaline rush by way of motorcycles and dirt bikes. He enjoys adrenaline-inducing activities because the feeling of being alive after doing something dangerous is amazing. He also partakes in quieter hobbies, such as photography, spending time with his three dogs or growing peppers in his garden for his salsa company. A self-described superlative, Bill says that he’ll likely become famous for inventing a pickle bush. We’re very excited for all of our future sandwich lunches, just in case that idea pans out.

A purveyor of salsa and pickles and 20 years of industry experience? Yep, we think Bill is going to fit in just fine with the team. Welcome, Bill!