Meet Allison Garong, our newest IT Service Technician.

The latest addition to our service team, Allison Garong, is somewhat new to the IT world. Graduating last June with her Associates in Cyber Security and Networking from Mount Hood Community College, Allison is already CCNA certified, and eager to learn and experience new things. Before beginning her IT journey, Allison worked in customer service, experience which lends itself well to providing great IT support. As to how she chose this new career path, Allison says she “picked a direction and just rolled with it” and ended up falling madly in love with IT!  

Although she didn’t grow up in the Pacific Northwest, Allison has lived in Portland for the last thirteen years. She moved here in search of a change and says her favorite thing about Portland is the people. Allison also values spending time with her partner and the people closest to her, and says that her perfect day would involve someplace tropical. 

Outside of work, Allison’s hobbies include anything she can do with her hands, such as building, cleaning, cooking, journaling and crafting. Allison also values rest, self-care, and helping each other, and says she is inspired by progress – all things we can definitely get behind. 

Allison’s friends describe her as vibrant, curious, considerate and driven, which we can see after just a few weeks of knowing Allison. Already she is making an impact here at Portland Internetworks, where her kind personality and core values stand out. With her background in customer service and friendly demeanor, we know Allison is just the person to help support our clients’ IT needs. We’re excited to have her as a new addition to our team. Welcome, Allison!