Meet Brian Sanders

At 10 years old, a curious young Brian was already interested in computers, tearing them apart to understand how they work, and has never really stopped since. An internship in a small computer shop in the ’90s (shout out to Pentium 2 technology) solidified his already strong affinity toward tech. For the 15 years following, Brian put his Bat Cape on during the day as he worked in aluminum fabrication, but still made time for his computer hobby. Then 5 years ago, he decided to follow his life-long passion and pursue a career in IT. Plus, he says that he was already “the computer guy” to all of his friends anyway, so why not get paid for it?!  

In June of 2019, Brian joined the Portland Internetworks crew as a Service Desk Technician. Now just a short time later he is moving to the Project Services Team, where he will handle service requests and assists with the implementation of projects. He loves learning and understanding how things work beneath the surface, and the fact that he gets to help people solve problems is the icing on the cake. 

Brian says that his favorite thing about working at Portland Internetworks so far is the camaraderie. He says, “there isn’t a single person that I don’t get along with!”  

Outside of the office, Brian is a motorcycle fanatic, a tabletop game enthusiast and a major foodie. He spends the weekends working on rebuilding his project bike (a ’95 Harley Davidson Sportster), playing D&D with friends and family, or savoring a pie at Ken’s Artisan Pizza. He loves that living in the Portland-Metro means that there is never a shortage of great roads to ride or pizza joints to explore.  

Brian’s cool and kind demeanor, coupled with his sharp tech acumen and curiosity makes him the perfect addition to Portland Internetworks, and we are so excited to have him on our team!