It’s time that we take care of each other. We’re all in this together.  

We’re all pivoting – sometimes in big ways and sometimes in small ways. While some businesses transition their teams to working from home, others seek creative ways to keep their employees and customers safe, and some are having to completely shift their offerings to accommodate these changing times. In the last thirty days alone, we’ve revolutionized what it means to adapt in dynamic circumstances.

Those of us who are still open for business can look for ways to support other small businesses. We get it – when you feel like you’re in limbo, spending money can be scary. But, by investing in products and services that we know we’ll need down the road while business is slow, we’re helping boost the economy in an otherwise slow time. So, we’re rewarding our employees with gift cards to local businesses. We’re pre-paying our local vendors for services we know we’ll use down the road. We’re keeping our communities healthy by practicing responsible social distancing, and we’re keeping our local economies healthy, too.

And although trail clean-up parties might be off the agenda for the time being, there are still plenty of ways to lend a hand without spending a buck. Donate blood! Deliver groceries to seniors! Bake a pie for your neighbor! Get creative – remember, no gesture is too small to make a big difference.

Now more than ever before, we are proud to be a part of this community of compassionate innovators and leaders. While our mission is to stay home and maintain physical distance from each other, remember to keep each other close (…just not physically). Let’s use those thoroughly washed hands to lift each other up!

After all, we’re stronger together.