Things are looking up! The sun is shining, temperatures are dropping, we’re reconnecting with the ones that we love face-to-face, and each day, more companies are getting back to business. We’ve been dreaming of this day, and we’re so thrilled that it’s finally here!

As we turn the page, we’re reflecting on what this time has meant to us. As a community, we’ve pivoted and adapted. We’ve strategized new ways to go about our business, and to support businesses like us. We’ve grown as leaders and as individuals. We’ve seen resilience like never before, both in huge strides and small victories.

Despite the hard days, we rallied together and had each other’s backs. And, through the power and connectedness of our community, we persevered.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our gratitude for folks like you who have been here here through it all. Thank you for showing up, not just for us, but for all the vibrant, gritty, wonderful small businesses that make Portland such a great place to be.

Thank you to our partners and community who have supported us, and especially to our clients who have trusted us with such a crucial part of their business in critical times. Whether you joined us for a virtual happy hour, left a word of encouragement on our LinkedIn posts, or gave kudos to the technicians who kept you wired while working from home, it means more to us than we can express. We know exactly how it feels to have been running a small business in these crazy times, and we appreciate every second, every dollar, and every ounce of support that you’ve given us.

Moving forward, we’re thankful for the lessons along the way and the opportunities connect with new folks, and old friends in new ways. Through the good times and the tough times, we’ve proven that we’re stronger together.

We’re absolutely elated to truly be together at last. After so many months, we cannot wait to see you again!