Rose City Rollers – Our Newest Nonprofit Grant Winner


A few months ago, we were thrilled to announce that Rose City Rollers had become the recipient of our 2023 Annual Technology Grant. Every year we launch the official Portland Internetworks Annual Technology Grant to empower a local nonprofit with our IT support and services. In this blog post, we’re excited to share how we connected with Rose City Rollers and the upgrades we’re making to their IT infrastructure.


How Our Paths Crossed


If you’ve ever met Paul Nickila, our trusty Sales Engineer, you’ll know that he’s got a big heart and a knack for making sure your network infrastructure is in tip-top shape. The story goes a little something like this: Paul’s daughter, Maddie, partakes in a roller derby league hosted by the Rose City Rollers, so naturally, Paul has been to quite a few of their events. During some of Maddie’s matches, Paul would hear periodic announcements on the loudspeaker, advising patrons to try to refrain from using the wireless network unless absolutely necessary. This is because the high volume of connections would cause hitches in the YouTube livestream of the current match, making for an unpleasant online viewing experience. With that in mind, Paul was curious to see if Rose City Rollers needed a helping hand with their networking infrastructure, and so he connected with their team to see what their biggest pain points were and how we could provide some assistance in upgrading what they currently have. 

The timing couldn’t have been better, because that same fateful week, our team had just unveiled this years Annual Technology Grant to the public. Paul thought the grant would be a perfect way to help support Rose City Rollers, and so, Paul advocated for them. After some time, we then got connected with Rose City Rollers, and after careful consideration, they became our newest Annual Technology Grant recipient! 


Out With the Old, in With the New


As part of the grant, we were extremely excited to give Rose City Roller’s network infrastructure some much-needed TLC. Aside from the network itself, Rose City Roller’s was also experiencing some issues with their current point of sale systems, which made it difficult for guests to pay for admissions or purchase food and beverages at events. With that in mind, we got the team together to assess the entirety of their infrastructure in depth, drafted a complete overhaul to their current network, got the go ahead to put our plan in motion, and the rest was history! In the end, we were able to refresh all of their gear, which included firewalls, switches, UPSs, and newly installed wireless access points that prioritized all upstream traffic to their YouTube livestream.

With everything now in place, the only tension Rose City Rollers will be facing now is inside the rink – and not with their network. Farewell, internet issues! You won’t be missed. 

For further information about Rose City Rollers, visit their website here!