What We’ve Been Up To – June 2018

Congrats to Ben Feil for acing his Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) exam!

We brewed our own kombucha!

We brewed our own kombucha

The PDX.net Culture & Wellness Committee hosted a lunchtime workshop where our DIY Master, Nova Bartlett, demonstrated how to brew the tasty, bubbly beverage at home!

The legendary Portland Internetworks Decathlon continues!

Legendary PDX.NET Decathlon

This month, our fierce competitors faced off in a battle of the minds – Trivia! Jason Moss took home the win, putting him in second place in the current overall standings. We can’t forget to give a nod of gratitude to our host, Derek, for a marvelous evening filled memes, pizza, and great company.

We celebrated our best month ever!

After achieving our best month ever in April, we hit the town for some celebratory tots, games and roller skating! Of all the wins to celebrate, Tim’s triumph over the claw machine (which landed him a sweet Squidward keychain) was high on the list. An enormous “thank you” goes to our team, clients, and partners for making it all possible!