Abbie Utley, IT Service Technician


Last June, Abbie joined our team as one of our new IT Service Desk Technicians. Originating from Anchorage, Alaska, Abbie is known to have a goofy, kind-hearted soul that brings out some of the biggest smiles to our employees here at our office. She moved down to Portland several years ago, and ended up studying at Portland State University. Initially, Abbie started off majoring in Mathematics and having a minor in music. She had a knack for solving math problems and playing anything music related, but felt as if pursuing a career in these fields would be difficult. She transitioned to majoring in Accounting with a minor in Criminology, but eventually fell in love in Computer Science and decided to major in that instead. This would be the starting point for her career in IT!

Abbie comes to us from over ten years of customer service experience from a multitude of different jobs. These include, but are not limited to: a hotel, a fast-food restaurant, a diner, a sports bar, a deli at a supermarket, and more! With her newfound knowledge and love for technology, Abbie fits right in with our crew.

Abbie describes her perfect day like this: Sleep in from the night before as long as possible, prepare and consume a bowl of Cheerios, take a quick walk through a park, learn a new hobby or skill, read a good book somewhere in nature, and finally relax by having a fulfilling dinner with some of her closest friends.

When Abbie is away from work, she is spending her time building complex redstone contraptions in Minecraft while vibing to LoFi, solving complex Minesweeper puzzles, or spending her downtime with her cat, Shego. She also has a passion for collecting different types of rubber ducks.  Abbie also explains that her favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride, and says that if she could create a new invention, she would spend her time crafting a Snuggie that is somehow business professional (OR… recreate the Double Decker Couch from The Lego Movie). As you can tell, Abbie is full of personality as she is technical knowledge.

You’re a superstar, Abbie! Thanks for everything you do for us! 

To get to know Abbie, shoot her an email or connect with her on LinkedIn.