Matt Dickey, IT Systems Engineer


Meet Matt Dickey! Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Matt’s love for technology initially stemmed from building gaming PC’s during his adolescence. This later evolved into him trying computer networking for fun, which he got very good at as he enjoyed the fine tuning and optimization aspect of it. Matt began his career in IT at a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) for a while until he moved on to an internal desktop support role with a local software developer. Matt worked with them for several years, and now armed with a slew of newfound knowledge, Matt decided he wanted a change of scenery and made his way out to Portland in search of greener pastures (figuratively and literally). He found Portland Internetworks, got the interview, and the rest is history!

On Matt’s off time, you will find him exploring the pristine nature of Oregon, listening to stories via Movies, TV, books, and podcasts, indulging in his favorite video games, cheffing up and tasting new recipes in the kitchen, and nerding out over the latest and greatest technology. If you have a chance, ask him about his brand new computer parts.

Matt describes his perfect day like this: Start off the morning with a cup of coffee, head to brunch, go on a chill hike, return home to play video games, grab dinner and drinks at McMenamins Edgefield, and end the day with a good movie or TV show. Adding to movies, Matt’s favorite movie of all time is Studio Ghibli’s animated film, Princess Mononoke. As he explains: “This movie was truly inspiring to me as a kid. Maybe it was the fact that, like any kid, I liked cartoons, but I didn’t know that such mature themes could be reflected in that medium.”

Matt brings a slew of technical skills to the job that allows him to cut through difficult service tickets with ease. On top of that, Matt has a demeanor that one would consider calm, collected, and quite charismatic —a perfect fit for his role and our crew.

You rock, Matt! Thanks for everything you do for us. Connect with Matt via email or LinkedIn.