Whether you’re a one-man shop or a large-scale enterprise with a dozen guys named Steve, we have the resources and certified technicians to help. We especially love addressing the challenges of small- and medium-sized businesses and businesses with multiple sites.

We’ve worked across nearly every industry, including retail, restaurants, insurance, financial services, communications, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and agriculture. And while we’re not big on bragging, we get excited when our clients do well, and we love playing a part in their success. Check out a few case studies to see what we mean.

Case Study: RMLS

RMLS™ (Regional Multiple Listing Service) provides a comprehensive, searchable database for realtors to view current listings in our region. We’ve provided day-to-day support and emergency troubleshooting (including, but not limited to, one fateful Christmas morning when our systems detected a network outage at their onsite data center at 4 a.m. and our teams convened to resolve the crisis before even Santa knew what happened).

The Challenge

In 1998, we were called in to help restore the private Wide Area Network (WAN) that RMLS™ shared with member real estate brokers for access to their listings database.

At the time, their service provider had suffered a major outage lasting nearly three days—practically a lifetime for a company that depends on connectivity. They told us that if we could get their network back up, we’d earn their undying loyalty.

Our Solution

We arrived on the scene that very day, assessed the problem, and had their network back up before midnight. Since then, we’ve helped RMLS™ grow organically, adding WAN nodes to their infrastructure as they acquired smaller MLS organizations throughout the state.

We are now one of the most consistent components of their organization. In addition to their far-flung WAN network, we handle their sales of computer and networking hardware, uninterruptible power supplies, data center colocation, internet access, VPN aggregation, disaster recovery, and consulting services.

The Result

Over the years, RMLS™ has relied upon Portland Internetworks through periods of solid economic growth and leaner times too. We’ve provided the network usability and uptime to provide critical services to over 10,000 member realtors.

Nearly every home buyer and seller in Oregon in the last fifteen years has benefited from our design, engineering and monitoring of this network.

What the client had to say

Real estate is a fast-paced business, so we have to be on our game. There is little to no time for error or downtime. Portland Internetworks has provided us the peace of mind that allows us to focus on providing the best possible services and not having to constantly monitor and solve our network problems as they arise.

Our relationship is not just vendor and client, but a true partnership, and it shows. I know each, and every, member of Portland Internetworks by name, and they know me. The level of support and customer service that we continue to receive is beyond what we had expected. 100% uptimes, outstanding service, and an incredible knowledge base—Portland Internetworks is a perfect fit for us.

Greg Moore


Case Study: International Trade Systems, Inc.

ITS is a leading provider of freight management solutions, offering cloud-delivered software to support import/export and freight-forwarding businesses that ship goods in and out of the U.S. ITS customers access its software every hour of every day as planes, trains, trucks and ships arrive in the US to pick up and drop off cargo. Clearly, time is of the essence, and delays and outages have major (costly!) consequences, leaving planes on the tarmac and ships parked waiting in ports.

The Challenge

Four years ago, ITS’ servers were collocated at a local data center that lacked the responsiveness and infrastructure management services to run things smoothly. The business was plagued with reliability challenges and faced customer desertions.

Our Solution

Right away, our engineers physically relocated ITS’ servers to a new data center in downtown Portland during off hours, preparing IP space and DNS to minimize operational downtime. Along the way, we worked with US customs to coordinate the high-security data connection required to transmit regulatory data. We then took over the complete management of ITS’ service delivery structure and its servers and networks.

ITS could then develop and market a major upgrade to more reliable software. Meanwhile, we performed hardware and system upgrades, mitigating disaster recovery risks and enhancing server capability scalability. We built in real-time network monitoring and alerts to ensure 24/7 uptime and quick response to unplanned situations.

The Result

Our network staff remains available to address issues and perform maintenance any time and any day, as ITS operates across many time zones. As the company continues to grow and migrate to its new web platform, we provide a scalable infrastructure-as-a-service framework that adapts quickly to business needs.

ITS no longer needs to deal with large hardware purchases or bother with outdated or obsolete gear. The company has even recommended us to its largest customer, who now relies on us for IT and network support in its several offices across the country. We have to say, we’re downright flattered.

What the client had to say

Our business relies on servers that cannot go down, not even for a second. One outage could mean thousands of dollars in downtime and fines to our customers. For years, we struggled with regular failures and problems with our network with each service provider we worked with!

Portland Internetworks has proven itself for consistently maintaining our network without a single outage or non-scheduled service interruption since day one. I can sleep at night knowing that Portland Internetworks will handle any situation quickly and efficiently without me even realizing it happened!

Steve Platman


Case Study: The Lynch Company

Founded in 1919, this steel fabricating powerhouse helped build ships during WWII and has gone strong ever since. While the company offered a strong product, the heavy demands on its network were slowing its operations and hampering its growth potential. Its workers needed consistent connectivity through a network that worked for them, and they wanted the ability and freedom to work remotely.

The Challenge

When it came to its IT infrastructure, the company had chosen economy over performance for many years. This led to difficulty locating data on its network, which was costing the company and its owners time and money. Network instability and slow computers were bottlenecking productivity and causing an unpleasant slump in morale.

Our Solution

With a new general manager, we shifted the paradigm from low-cost to best-value, and we kicked off an initiative to replace all computers, upgrade servers and improve internet access. We replaced a patched-together IT system with proactive, fully managed services.

Wireless access points now connected machinery and equipment across the expansive machine shop and the office network. We integrated their engineering stations with their network and added mobile connectivity for office and sales workers throughout the company.

The Result

General manager Chris Haney observed that just two weeks after the deployment of the new IT improvements and workstations, the entire investment had paid for itself. He explained that the new speed and power helped him get through a huge stack of proposals, present them to customers, and garner enough business to fully justify the cost of the improvements within an incredibly short time.

We continued to make further additions and improvements to their firewall and mobile network, so workers can operate from home and on the road. Thanks to tablets and smartphones, communications never have to stop, even when employees are on the move.

What the client had to say

We struggled for years with our network and IT needs. We tried in-house and other IT service providers, but it seemed that we were always working to keep our systems operating. This became increasingly problematic and expensive as our systems grew and our needs changed. Once we started working with Portland Internetworks, everything changed.

Their streamlined system helps us control costs and allows our employees to better focus on their jobs. This is just good business sense. Not only has productivity increased and our IT expense lowered, we’ve seen a measurable rise in company morale, with great running computers and a network that won’t cause embarrassing snags in our operations. Portland Internetworks has earned our trust and we consider them a very important partner in our business.

Chris Haney


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