PDX.net Is Its People

We like geeking out on programming blogs; we adore food trucks; our office pet is a faux skunk-fur hat (it makes you the IT version of Davy Crockett, minus the legendary part and the hero part).  Basically, working for us is a lot like working with us—chill.


What’s the atmosphere here?  We’re a pretty happy bunch.  Even when we’re hustling to get a tough job done, we try to keep the stress levels set to moderate and the attitudes set to optimistic.

John shows off the decathlon championship trophy.


Our new home, moving here gave our team the much-needed space to continue growing!

Spending time with our clients outside of “work time” is a priority!  The annual Open House, Winterhawks games, wine tastings and other social outings are highlights for our crew!

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